Brushed Nickel Solid "Texture" Knurled Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Size: Peg Knob
Sale price$6.99 USD


Solid Brushed Nickel "Texture" knurled drawer pulls, knobs and appliance handles. These drawer pulls and cabinet knobs feature a knurled diamond texture and a modern brushed nickel finish. This knurled cabinetry hardware is made solid brass and it has a substantial premium feel (not hollow).


Projection for all cabinet pulls: 1-3/16" (31mm)
Bar Diameter for all drawer pulls 1/2 in. (12mm)

 Peg Knob Diameter 1/2 in. (12mm)

Projection 1-3/16" (31mm)

 T-Knob Knob Length: 2" (50 mm)

Projection: 1-3/16"

Round Knob Diameter: 1-3/16" (29mm)

Projection: 1-3/16" (29mm)

 3" Pull Mounting Holes 3" (76mm)

Overall Length 4-9/16" (116mm)

3-3/4" Pull Mounting Holes 3-3/4" (96mm)

Overall Length 5-3/8" (137mm)

 5" Pull Mounting Holes: 5" (128mm)

Overall Length 6-9/16" (168mm)

 6-5/16" Pull Mounting Holes: 6-5/16" (160mm)

Overall Length 7-7/8" (200mm)

 7-9/16" Pull Mounting Holes: 7-9/16" (192mm)

Overall Length 9-1/8" (232mm)

 11-5/16" Pull Mounting Holes: 11-5/16" (288mm)

Overall Length 12-7/8" (328mm)

 17-5/8" Pull Mounting Holes: 17-5/8" (448mm)

Overall Length 19-3/16" (488mm)

12" Appliance Pull Mounting Holes: 12" (305mm)
Overall Length 14-1/8" (358mm)

Bar Diameter: 3/4"

18" Appliance Pull  Mounting Holes: 18" 
Overall Length: 20-5/64"
Bar Diameter: 3/4"


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