Set of 2- Mid-century Modern Furniture Legs - Replacement Legs in Brushed Nickel

Size: Medium
Sale price$129.00 USD


Set of 2- Mid-century Modern Furniture Legs - Replacement Legs in Brushed Nickel. These are high-quality designer furniture legs in a simple, stylish and timeless design. A nice detail that works perfectly for the bed, sofa or the bureau. 

Price is for a set of 2.


Height: 3-15/16"
Diameter: 1-3/16"


Height: 6-11/16"
Diameter: 1-3/16"

Finishes: Other finishes available on our website.

Check if your furniture has pre-drilled holes for a 8 millimeter bolt (M8). Otherwise you can purchase the universal fitting plates here: 

Do you have an IKEA furniture that you’d like to upgrade?

-Then the following IKEA models will fit perfect with the enclosed “M8” bolts.
SOFAS: Karlstad, Klippan, Karlsfors, Klobo, Mysinge, Ektorp, Söderhamn, Solsta, Ljungvik, Sandby, Oleby, Tidafors, Vaxholm, Härnösand, Skogaby, Stockholm (up to 3 seat), Säter, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn, Norsborg

ARMCHAIRS: Mellby, Tullsta, Solsta-Olarp, Karlstad, Karlsfors, Strandmon, Ekenäs, Muren, Skogaby, Söderhamn, Ystad, Landskrona

FOOTSTOOLS: Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Strandmon, Stocksund, Skee, Söderhamn, Ystad, Landskrona, Dagarn

STORAGE: The Bestå series

FOR BEDS: (IKEA & other brands) Add the Universal Fitting Plate to your order. The universal plate can be attached directly into the corners of the bed frame.
For other models or furniture brands

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